Ways to Save Big on Your Next Internet Bill

Ways to Save Big on Your Next Internet Bill

Even if you’re happy with your current internet service, you might be paying too much for it. We’ve rounded up some ways to find best internet service and lower your monthly internet bill.

Here are five tips to help you reduce the cost of the Internet:

# Limit up Data Transfer Seep:

You all might be knowing that if you are online and are using up the internet with the high-speed networks, then there is always more data usage for the similar things then that in slow network connections. So here the thing is that most of the time we don’t need up that much speed while browsing the internet or downloading anything etc.

But we still go on with the high-speed data transfer rate only. And that thing becomes the cause of greater data usages hence more internet bill rate. To lower up the data usage while doing online activities just remember to set up the speed limits for the internet connections which in turn will help to decrease the data usage efficiently.

# Check the Actual Internet Speed:

The very thing that you should also actually do after getting your new Internet connection is that you should test the web speed that you get on your devices and find it whether it is the same to the data plan that you have to choose up.

This will either not directly help you to lower the internet bill but will help you to check whether if the ISP service providers throttle you or not. ISP service providers sometimes do not give the promised speed according to the data plan selected by the customers; hence they get to pay more than what they should be doing.

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# Know and reduce your usage:

The chart below shows common internet activities and the bandwidth they require. Keep in mind that your total bandwidth is shared by all the devices on your connection.

If multiple people are online simultaneously, you’ll need enough bandwidth for everyone.

  • What internet speed do you need? General web surfing, email, social media: 1 Mbps
  • Online gaming: 1-3 Mbps (A connection with low latency, the time it takes your computer to talk to the game server, is more important than bandwidth for gaming.)
  • Videoconferencing: 1-4 Mbps (You’ll want at least a 1 Mbps to upload speed for quality video conferencing.)
  • Standard-definition video streaming: 3-4 Mbps
  • High-definition video streaming: 5-8 Mbps
  • Frequent large file downloading: 50 Mbps and up

Now you can figure out whether you’re paying for too much bandwidth. If so, the easy fix is to drop to a lower tier with your current provider. Or it might be time to choose a new one with prices and service levels more suited to your usage.

# Buy your modem and router instead of renting:

If you plan to stay with an internet provider for a long time, usually more than a year, it might be more cost-effective to buy your internet hardware rather than renting it.

Keep in mind that some providers won’t offer support or troubleshooting for your personal hardware.

# Jump Ship

If your ISP won’t budge, it might be time to switch providers or cancel your Internet altogether. This seems drastic, we know, but depending on your Internet needs you may be able to get away with sticking to free local Wi-Fi spots instead of having home service.

If a connection at home is a must, don’t be afraid to take your business elsewhere. Many companies provide introductory offers for new customers and some even offer incentives to switch. Contact all of the ISPs in your area and see which can give you the best deal. Make sure you’re not in a contract with your current provider before signing up with someone else so you can avoid getting hit with a fee for breaking your contract.

If you need to save money while maintaining the internet connection, you might want to downgrade to a limited-data mobile hotspot plan. You can find cheap prepaid data-only plans here.

If these five strategies inspired you to start fighting for a lower Internet bill, don’t stop here. Keep looking for other ways to cut costs and reduce your monthly Internet bill. The more you save, the better you’ll feel.

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