India Really Needs Better Broadband Internet Connectivity

India Really Needs Better Broadband Internet Connectivity

Internet population in India is now up to 240 million people. In fact, India is now the third largest Internet user in the world after China and the United States. Despite being in the top 3 in terms of the number of active Internet users in the world, India’s advancement towards a Digital India continues to be disappointed by slow Internet connectivity. Do you know the average Internet speed in India stood at 2.0 Mbps, and India ranked 115th internationally in terms of average Internet speed currently? South Korea is on top with an average speed of 25.3 Mbps and is the only country with average speeds above the 20 Mbps mark. Hong Kong is in 2nd position with  16.3 Mbps while with 15.0 Mbps, Japan on 3rd position.

According to recent calculations, “The number of active Internet users in India will cross the 300 million mark very soon”. Most of the users will be accessing the Internet on their iPhones, smart devices like phones, tablets, etc., at 3G or 4G speeds. But, most Internet service providers reduce the download speeds to about half after users have crossed their pre-defined data-limit for downloading. This affects the average broadband speeds as well as making transactions such as phone banking, ticket booking, etc., very difficult to complete. So, India needs better broadband internet connectivity so as to make efforts towards executing advanced digital services that define the vision of Digital India, for example, smart cities, e-governance, etc.

Vellore Net Redefining Broadband

A reliable and fast broadband service provider in Vellore, TamilNadu is redefining broadband. This service provider has taken plenty of steps towards redefining broadband Internet connection and boasts of several benefits over other ISP in Vellore Some of the key benefits are:

No Problem With Buffering

The most common problem faced by Internet users when dealing with slow Internet speed is Buffering. Vellore Net does its best to provide ultra-fast broadband connections in Vellore that would remove all buffering issues, as a result, uninterrupted connectivity.

Very High Download Speeds

Vellore Net providers high download speeds, so you can download movies, music, games, large amounts of data in quick time. Also, these can be done simultaneously without affecting the speed of the Internet.

Cost- Effective

The Internet plans offered by Vellore Net are affordable and can be afforded by middle-class customers. The customer base of Vellore Net has increased manifold since its inception because the company provides an amazing connection with high download speeds and cost-effective prices for Internet plans in Vellore.

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