The 5 Stages of Losing Internet Service and How To Skip Them

We can’t quite remember what we did before the internet. It seems that work used to be done by professionals pre-internet, but these days, we use the world wide web to accomplish almost everything. When your internet goes down at your home or your office, work virtually comes to a halt.

But that’s not all that happens when your internet service goes dark and you find yourself disconnected from the world. It’s almost like you go through the stages of grief—that could include smashing a few things or screaming into pillows (but hopefully not that dramatic). According to our highly scientific research, these are the stages you can expect to experience when your internet goes down.

What You May Feel if You Lose Your Internet Connection


At first, you can’t believe it. You keep hitting “refresh” while woefully informs you it’s lost network connection or you frantically try to save your report you were typing into a cloud server.

You turn to your co-worker and ask, voice shaking, “Do you have internet?”

You frantically call the IT department. “Tell me the internet isn’t down. PLEASE. This can’t be happening right now.


From there, it’s a fast spiral into the most volatile stage of internet loss: anger. You realize you’re stuck in the middle of a Stranger Things episode until further notice, or you truly have lost every last bit of your report that you didn’t save.

In this stage, we suggest taking a coffee break to cool off. We know there’s nothing more frustrating than losing your internet service.


You calm down and start trying to fix the problem. But since you’re not an IT expert and you just need your internet to work, you’re stuck turning things off and on over and over again. Every time your router blinks on and off and your computer restarts, you’re pleading: “Please work, please work, please work.” Without expert support and a closed loop fiber backbone, your bargaining is likely to be in vain.


You’re beginning to realize there’s no way out of your internet black hole. You’ll just have to live here, alone–no Netflix, or email, or cloud, or productivity. Goodbye, cruel world.


You become a hermit, forget there was ever such a thing as 24/7 internet access,

Alternatively, you could choose Vellore Net options and skip this entire process—if that appeals to you, of course. We work tirelessly to save our customers from the grief of losing the internet. Because of our commitment, no Vellore Net customer is ever dropped—guaranteed. Our closed loop fiber backbone in Vellore providing a redundant connection so your internet won’t go down.

What Does This Mean for Vellore Net Customers?

Even if the line were cut, a signal would still flow. With Vellore Net, you can skip the stages of internet loss (even in rural areas) and instead focus on getting stuff done or on enjoying your Internet Service.