Enjoy Broadband Like Never Before with VelloreNet

Almost two decades back, the internet was just a rising tool. During the time when the internet was spreading its legs in India, many people did not have it, in fact, that time most people did not use it. Entrepreneurs did not think to use it as a tool to boost their businesses over the […]

Know more about internet safety tip

It is evident that the internet has become a necessity in today’s life. In fact, many surveys and reports have revealed that people spend most of their time using the internet whether at home or office. Today it is really hard to think about life without the web world. From mailing to online gaming, there […]

Why Does High Speed Internet Matter For Business

There are many important points to consider when you’re setting up the Internet for your business. In the early days of a new business venture, you may feel that affordability is king, and residential or low-speed business solutions are adequate. While it’s fine to start small, your Internet connection is one thing you should choose […]

India Really Needs Better Broadband Internet Connectivity

Internet population in India is now up to 240 million people. In fact, India is now the third largest Internet user in the world after China and the United States. Despite being in the top 3 in terms of the number of active Internet users in the world, India’s advancement towards a Digital India continues […]

Understanding the Cost of Business Internet Service

A question we hear often is: why is business internet service “marked up” higher than residential services? Business owners, understandably, want to know why they pay more for internet service than their residential counterparts. The short answer: we’re comparing apples and oranges. Residential and business internet, though they may seem the same to the end […]

How Do Internet Service Providers Deliver Internet for Your Home

Internet access is pivotal in this day and age, as most of our devices at home and on-the-go require access for us to get things done. But how do we know what our internet options are? In this blog, I will give a brief overview of the most common ways the internet is accessed and […]

Don’t Cut Corners on Your Business Internet Service

You have high standards for your business: you require everything you do to meet your expectations of excellence. From customer service to the products and solutions you provide, you’re consistently aiming high. The tools you use to get the job done should do the same thing, and none more so than your business internet service. […]

The 5 Stages of Losing Internet Service and How To Skip Them

We can’t quite remember what we did before the internet. It seems that work used to be done by professionals pre-internet, but these days, we use the world wide web to accomplish almost everything. When your internet goes down at your home or your office, work virtually comes to a halt. But that’s not all […]

Vellore Net – the network for gamers

Most internet service providers (ISPs) tend to sell their service based on two variables: bandwidth and data allowance. For the most part, this is enough information for potential customers to make a decision about the service (and provider) they will ultimately choose. There is a group of users, however, for whom the above, while important, […]

10 Things Businesses Require from Their Internet Service Providers

For most of us, the Internet has become a constant fixture. Imagine a day without using Google, posting photos online, or checking your email! The same can be said of businesses who consider the Internet as an indispensable tool for their daily operations — from video conferences, employee training to large file downloads. Whether you’re […]