Don’t Cut Corners on Your Business Internet Service

Don’t Cut Corners on Your Business Internet Service

You have high standards for your business: you require everything you do to meet your expectations of excellence. From customer service to the products and solutions you provide, you’re consistently aiming high. The tools you use to get the job done should do the same thing, and none more so than your business internet service.

Most successful business professionals will agree: the way to the top of the competitive ladder isn’t through cutting corners. And yet, many companies are relying on outdated internet service technology, meaning they’re left with spotty service and slow results. They experience frequent slowdowns and system-wide failures; their employees are always complaining about how long it takes to do anything around the office because of slow internet.

Why would a smart business cut corners in internet services? Most of the time, it’s not intentional. Company management sometimes isn’t aware they’re getting a bad deal, instead, assuming that the package they’ve purchased should be adequate. Other times, it’s just a matter of misunderstanding how much good internet services cost: business managers will assume that if they want a better internet, they’ll have to pay far too much—and this just isn’t true.

Here’s what you should demand from your internet service provider. If you’re getting anything less, it’s time for a change.

Bandwidth and Then Some

The most common issue for businesses is a lack of bandwidth. Of course, your needs will vary—and even change over time—based on how many employees you have and what your company does day-to-day. But it’s always worthwhile to have enough to handle heavier workdays as well as the lighter ones. You have a few options for your high-speed internet needs.

  1. Ethernet/DSL: Ethernet or DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) technology works over local phone lines to transmit data. Although it became quite popular as users began to move away from dial-up modems, it’s an outdated solution by today’s standards and not very reliable.
  2. Cable: A standard coax cable line can provide your business with cable internet services. This is an attractive option but can cause bandwidth issues during popular usage times since it’s shared among many businesses and residences.
  3. Fiber: Fiber internet is the most versatile option for a business. It’s completely scalable—meaning that you could start today with a smaller package and upgrade later as your company grows. You’ll never pay more than you need to.
  4. Wireless internet service delivers reliable internet connections in areas where DSL, cable, or fiber optic options are not available. If your business is located in a rural area, the wireless internet allows you to get and keep your business online.

Make sure you’re asking the right questions before signing an internet services contract, starting with how much bandwidth you’ll need to accomplish your regular online tasks.


There is no wiggle room in the reality of business today: you can’t cut corners on internet security. As we’ve seen from the high-profile hackings of companies like Sony and Target, your internet security must be top-notch to withstand the increasingly sophisticated threats from spammers and online criminals. Any company you work with should be able to prove their commitment to security.

Fast Issue Resolution

If you have an outage or an on-site failure, you need assistance immediately. This is as crucial as having the electricity up and running at your office location, and your internet service provider should treat it that way. You should be able to count on quick resolution so you can get back to your job with less downtime and no hassle.

An Eye Toward the Future

You don’t have time to keep up with ever-evolving technology, but keeping up is a significant part of success in today’s business world. Your internet service provider (ISP) should be able to help you stay current with technologies that will contribute to your business’s productivity and should plan for the future.

Ready to demand more from your internet service provider? We make the internet easy.

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