How Can The Internet Save Lives?

How Can The Internet Save Lives?

The internet is responsible for nearly anything and everything nowadays. It operates our machinery, parks our cars, makes our food, keeps us in constant communication with the world, and provides entertainment for humanity. But, you might gloss over its most important function. The internet can save lives.

More importantly, having a faster internet connection means potentially more lives saved. Hospitals, medical research, emergency personnel, emergency alert systems, branches of the military, among a variety of other resources depend on a fast connection to keep people safe, healthy, protected, and alive. How does a faster internet connection benefit them all though?

A lightning fast internet connection can optimize the speeds of the above-mentioned resources which can keep people alive and safe. Throughout the remainder of this article, we will talk about how the internet can help these different health organizations and safety personnel.


The internet is important in hospitals and the medical field because it keeps patients healthy and alive. It provides physicians with faster medical results to help combat sicknesses, cancer, and other diseases in a timelier means. It can boost the research capabilities to help find proper cures and treatments, and even help with the correct diagnosis of an ailment.

Most of, if not all, the technology in hospitals runs on an internet connection. These devices line the rooms of patients, researchers, nurses, doctors, and administrators. They are imperative to keeping medical facilities in tip-top shape for any health incident that might occur.


Emergency personnel and emergency alert systems need a fast internet to keep people who are facing danger in the know at all times. When it comes to personnel, the internet is needed to help find perpetrators or victims with GPS capabilities and other tracking devices. Emergency alert systems need a fast internet connection in order to notify people of life-threatening conditions, whether it be a natural disaster, weather event, or an act of terrorism.

The ability to relay information is the most important aspect of internet use for emergency personnel and alert systems. That is why using the best equipment with the fastest connection speeds are necessary.


A fast and stable internet connection helps the military protect civilians inside and outside of the country. It can help track soldiers’ whereabouts and the location of attackers or enemies. Whether it’s through drones or other types of technology, the internet keeps the military one step ahead of those plotting against them.


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