Does your Whether Affect your Internet Connections!

Does your Whether Affect your Internet Connections!

You finally get time to relax from your busy life, and all you want to do is catch up on that one Netflix series you’re really interested in. Your show is getting to the ultimate climax, and then all of a sudden it stops streaming. You are in shock. Then you come to find out it’s your internet connection that seems to be the cause. But, why? Then you look outside to see that it’s raining.


Coming to the conclusion that your internet speed is affected by the weather is dependent upon what internet service provider you are using and how severe the weather is. A small rain shower isn’t likely to slow down your connection, but a torrential downpour and high wind speeds could certainly be the cause.

Different service providers have different ways of connecting users to the internet, which can have an impact during severe weather conditions. For example, the fiber-optic internet is less vulnerable to lower speeds and outages because it uses cables that rely on pulses of light to transmit data. In most cases, these cables are underground and weather will not affect the transmission of light pulses the same way it might wireless transmissions.

Broadband cable internet users are more at risk for unstable internet connections during inclement weather. Broadband internet is typically transferred between phone lines and a severe storm with strong winds could knock over these lines, causing your internet speeds to slow or stop completely. You’ll often see internet speeds change in extremely cold weather too. A heavy snowfall can bend or break power lines, resulting in a lost connection.

Satellite Internet might be the most vulnerable to weather because the dish can be knocked over, blocked or broken by strong winds, heavy rain, or snow and ice buildup. Even the sunniest of days can see internet connection speeds slowing down if there’s a strong gust or breeze.

If your service provider relies on copper lines beneath the ground, there can be problems. Why? During intense cold weather, the ground swells or heaves. This can break the copper lines and disrupt your connection.


It’s probably not in your best interest to fix your internet connection on your own. In most instances, your best bet to combat a slow internet connection during inclement weather is waiting it out. Even your provider cannot or shouldn’t tend to the issues until the weather event has ended. It can be harmful to them and you.

There is always the chance that people who are sheltering from the weather are all using the internet at once, which can ultimately be slowing your usually stable connection.


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