What Is Fixed Wireless Broadband? | VelloreNet Vellore

What Is Fixed Wireless Broadband? | VelloreNet Vellore

We’re living in a digital world. Many of us are glued to our electronic devices 24/7. In order to keep those devices working, we need the fastest internet possible. That’s where fixed wireless broadband can come into play.

Maybe you heard of fixed broadband but not sure what it is. Fixed wireless broadband is a high-speed service that uses a wireless signal to allow users to access the internet. So instead of having a modem that’s tied to a cable or digital subscriber line, users wirelessly connect to the internet service (being broadcasted from an antenna tower) through a point-to-point setup. Since the signal is being broadcasted through radio waves instead of wires, the need for a cable or phone line is eliminated. This makes fixed wireless broadband much more cost effective since the need for cable lines and modems are eliminated.


So what makes fixed wireless broadband better than wire or fiber broadband? Here are a few reasons:


The issue with many wire broadband is lag issues. It takes time for the signal to go from through the cable to your modem, along with other points in the network, and that signal will slow down. Even the fastest connections can experience latency issues. But this doesn’t apply to fixed wireless. Instead, the signal will travel from the antenna to the nearest tower and, as a result, the latency is lowered


As we spend more and more time online, the smaller and smaller our attention span gets. So if a website doesn’t show up within a few seconds, chances are you moved on to the next website. So there’s nothing worse than an internet service that can’t keep up with your demands. But a typical fixed wireless connection can easily reach 500Mbps, and more.


In business, you need a reliable internet connection. And the problem with a fiber network is the cable runs underground. This can leave the network vulnerable. For example, if street work is doing above the cable line, you may experience a disruption in your service. But fixed wireless broadband relies on a point-to-point connection, making it much more reliable.


If you have a business who needs a faster, more reliable internet service, then the choice is obvious. You need fixed wireless broadband. And Vellore Net.can help. If you need equipment or more information on fixed wireless, contact us.

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