FUP Policy

Vellore Net Broadband, in its mission to be pioneers as internet service providers, has envisaged its Fair Usage Policy to ensure uninterrupted internet service to all its customers.

Fair Usage Policy – A necessity

Broadband is a shared bandwidth experience. At prime times, a lot of customers use the shared network bandwidth at any one time. A tiny fraction of customer base may use the wireless internet service unsuitably. This could be done through exceedingly large amount of downloads eating into the bandwidth or constantly sharing large files. This hampers the experience for all users of the network, making it slower and more time consuming to surf the web, engage in social media activities or respond to work related mails, especially at prime times of maximum consumption.

Majority of the database indulge in considerate use of the bandwith. However, the disproportionate use, even by the tiny fraction of the customer base despite its small size can impede the internet experience for everyone. Fair Usage Policy helps protect the interest of everyone to provide fair services. It manages unsuitable use and makes sure that there is no trade off of experience amongst the customer base. Vellore Net’s Fair Usage Policy is implemented to help ensure that desired internet experience is given to you and over usage on part of few customers does not hamper the experience of others.

Implementing Fair Usage Policy

Under this policy, generous and fair upper levels for data transfer plans have been defined, that it is likely most customers will not cross this threshold.

However, in the unlikely event, that a customer reaches the fair usage level, the speed of the particular customer would be reduced to speed breaker limit (Mentioned in plan details as POST FUP). Even in such a scenario, Vellore Net has been vigilant in defining post FUP speed to ensure great internet experience. It is important to note here that data limits of the plan chosen will remain unchanged. According to Fair Usage Policy, post consuming a certain amount of GB) of the plan you have, the speeds will be rationalized. The speed to which this rationalization will take place and the limit after which Fair Usage Policy will be implemented varies plans. The details of the same is mentioned in each plan.

The speed of the network also varies depending on the availability of the network during that time and the number of subscribers who are latched onto the network at that point of time.

At the beginning of the next billing cycle, the speeds will be automatically restored to the normal speed.